• Equity Investment worth Risk taking.
  • Highest return generating asset class.
  • Long term gain in equity investment is taxable at nominal rate of 10% above gain of rupees one lakh.
  • Low cost, liquid & transparent investment.
  • Always take advisor help in direct equity investment.
  • High risk Investment. No guarantee of Return & Capital protection.
  • Allow leverage exposure in equity market.
  • Used as hedging.
  • Low cost, Liquid & transparent trading.
  • High risk as allows leverage position.
  • Allow leverage exposure in currency market.
  • Used as hedging.
  • Low cost, Liquid & transparent trading.
  • High risk as allows leverage position.
  • Allow leverage exposure in commodity market.
  • Used as hedging.
  • Low cost, Liquid & transparent trading.
  • High risk as allows leverage position.
  • We are direct distributor of all Mutual Fund.
  • MF allows small investor to invest in equity & debt segment.
  • Equity & Debt fund managed by professional fund managers.
  • Long term gain in equity investment is tax free
  • Low cost, liquid & transparent investment.
  • Gives SIP, STP & SWP facility.
  • We channelize investment into good corporate FD
  • Many a time corporate FD give better interest rate compare to Bank FD.
  • We are registered with HDFC / PNB Housing Fin Ltd for FD investment. For other company FD we are associated with JM Financial Services Ltd.
  • We provide facility to Buy / Sell corporate/Tax free/ perpetual Bond & preference shares.
  • We are associated with A K Capital & JM Financial Services Ltd.
  • We provide facility to apply in New Issues – Equity, Tax free Bond, Debenture, Preference share etc.
  • We are associated with JM Financial Services Ltd. for new issue application.

Life insurance provides financial support to surviving dependents or other beneficiaries after the death of an insured policyholder. It is the best option to secure your family’s future. Life insurance can offer several benefits to you and your loved ones, including the following:

Benefits of Life Insurance:

  • Protect your Family – Provides a death benefit that your family can use to pay for their financial obligations like rent, medical emergencies, and important monthly expenses
  • Fulfil your Dreams – Provides the policyholder the chance to create a corpus for themselves and their family, which they can later use to fulfil their lifelong goals like going on an extended vacation or buying a home
  • Get Comprehensive Coverage – With life insurance plans, you can get a comprehensive coverage against critical illness and disabilities by including riders in the base plan.
  • Flexible Life Cover – Most life and term insurance plans allow you to increase the life cover of your life insurance policy at different life stages.
  • Save on Taxes – The premiums paid towards a life insurance plan are deductible up to ₹ 1.5 lakh per annum under Section 80C.
  • Peace of Mind – Provides you with the needed peace of mind by knowing that your family will be able to take care of themselves financially in the event of your absence.
  • Tax Free Income – Maturity benefits are also tax-free subject to conditions prescribed under Section 10(10D) of The Income Tax Act, 1961.
  • We have tied up with ICICI Bank Ltd & JM financial Services Ltd to arrange Loan / Funding facility against shares or any other assets.
  • We provide advisory and wealth management services
  • We distribute PMS product of JM Financial Services Ltd.

Almost everything under the Sun that you can call an asset can be insured. However, in India, General Insurance is majorly classified into the following types:

  • Health Insurance - Covers the expenses incurred due to any illness or medical emergency.
  • Motor Insurance - It is mandatory in India. The policy ensures that the vehicle has complete protection against physical damage from natural or artificial calamities and third-party liabilities arising from the insured vehicle.
  • Travel Insurance - Provides financial protection to you and your family when you are visiting any place in the country or abroad. It covers emergencies like loss of baggage, loss of passport, hijacking, medical emergencies, delayed flights, accidental deaths, adventure sports etc.
  • Fire Insurance - Provides coverage against damage caused by any fire to property or assets.
  • Society Insurance - Covers you and your society from threats like, fire, malicious damage, riot, earthquake, burglary, damage to property etc.
  • Marine Insurance - Provides coverage for in-transit goods be it domestic or international. It provides covers for all modes of transport – Air, Sea, Rail, Road and Courier.
  • Property Insurance - Provides financial reimbursement to the owner/renter of a building and its contents.
  • Asset Insurance - Provides financial coverage to your assets like Mobile, TVs, Valuables, Ornaments and other appliances or electronics.

Any individual needs to have a general insurance policy owing to the risks posed by accidents, medical emergencies, natural calamities, and other unforeseen circumstances. The policy provides financial protection in case such situations arise in our lives. We cannot predict an accident or calamity; however, we can be better prepared to handle them.

However, having insurance coverage is compulsory by law in case of Society and Motor Insurances.

Health Insurance provide tax benefits - the premium paid towards Health insurance offers tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. 

Insurance premium paid for running the business falls under allowable expenses if you prove that the cover is necessary solely for business purposes.